mesoestetic products are a range of everyday skin and body care products for men and women. The entire range of home care products contains top-of-the-line active ingredients to ensure that the patient experiences professional results.
Each product forms part of a skin care regime offering cleansing, treatment and protection. Mesoestetic® designs and innovates medical-grade topical home care products that ensure that the cleansing stage boosts the action of active ingredients on applying the treatment and that protective properties prevent and control negative effects due to sun exposure.

Nigermed Skincare Limited is proud to be the distributor of Mesoestetic Product in Nigeria.

energy C

Sun exposure, smoking, strict diets or stress oxidize the skin and make it lose its brightness. With the passing of time, it becomes dull and the first wrinkles appear. Energy C is a cosmeceutical line with high concentrations of vitamin C that has been formulated to respond to the first signs of chrono and photoaging.

Twofold antioxidant action: energy C is able to neutralize free radicals and to regenerate the cell membrane.

UVA and UVB photoprotector: thanks to its anti-inflammatory action, energy C reduces post-sun erythema.

Brightening effect: energy C brightens the tone, improves pigmentary lesions and prevents the formation of blemishes.

Expression lines and fine wrinkles reduction: energy C induces the collagen synthesis and provides moisturisation.

Ultimate W+

Solar radiation, skin aging and genetics are among the main factors influencing the tone and intensity of skin pigmentation, and can lead to unsightly effects

Ultimate W+ is cosmeceutical line enriched with [meso]white complex, a unique complex based on active substances with a threefold action: because of excessive melanin accumulation.  In addition, skin tone becomes uneven over time and localized dark spots appear.

Whitening and Lightening: it inhibits the enzymes involved in the melanin synthesis processes, while at the same time stimulating cell renewal, removing melanin accumulations.  It makes skin tone uniform and lightens it, attenuating the appearance of dark spots.

Antiaging moisturising: enhances the natural skin barrier.  It minimizes the pore size and reduces wrinkles and fine lines.

Preventive and protective: powerful antioxidant action.  It protects from UV rays and pollution.


Classification of a chemical peel

highly superficial (superficial stratum corneum)

Increases uniformity of skin tone for a more luminous appearance.

superficial  (epidermal to basal layer)

Stimulates epidermal growth by removing the stratum corneum.  This causes skin to flake in a similar way to when it has excessive exposure to the sun.

medium (papillar dermis)

It completely removes the epidermis, which then renews until fully regenerated

deep (reticular dermis)
Leads to an inflammatory reaction of the reticular dermis, inducing collagen and elastin fibre reconstruction.

Cosmelan Pack

Cosmelan reduces and eliminates acquired skin blemishes of melanic origin, increasing skin luminosity and equalizing skin tone

The Cosmelan pack provides an effective combination of professional treatment and home maintenance cream.


Each pack contains:

  • Oil removing solution (Salon Treatment | Cleans and exfoliates the skin initially)
  • Cosmelan 1 mask (Salon Treatment | Initial mask)
  • Cosmelan 2 maintenance cream (Home Treatment)
  • Hydra-vital factor k (Home Treatment)

Dermamelan pack

Dermamelan reduces and eliminates acquired skin blemishes of melanic origin, increasing skin luminosity and equalizing skin tone.

The dermamelan pack provides an effective combination of professional treatment and home maintenance cream.



Each pack contains:

  • Oil removing solution (Salon Treatment | Cleans and exfoliates the skin initially)
  • Dermamelan mask (Salon Treatment | Initial mask)
  • Maintenance cream (Home Treatment)

bodyshock Treatment

The NEW bodyshock treatment from mesoestetic is an anti-cellulite treatment which is 100% adaptable to your needs; it acts on 6 strategic areas of the body: legs, abdomen and sides, buttocks, arms, double chin and breasts.

The treatment consists of an initial phase based on 10 sessions in the aesthetician’s office.  More than one area can be treated in the same session, so a more defined silhouette can be obtained in just five weeks.  The second phase of treatment consists of the application of the home care treatment products during and after professional treatment.

acnelan pack

Medical method for intensive treatment of acne-prone and seborrhoeic skin.

Deep cleanses blocked pores, removing impurities and improving the skin texture.

acnelan offers a cross-cutting approach to address the numerous factors that trigger the disease, combining an intensive clinical treatment for professional use with a home care treatment comprising a complete range of products.

Mesofiller (Intense & global)

Reticulated hyaluronic acid (25 mg/ml)

Mesofiller Intense works on deep wrinkles and facial remodeling while Mesofiiler global works medium depth wrinkles and lips

Single use, pre-loaded syringe for perfect stability and storage.



Moisturizing Sun Protection


Moisturising sun protection from mesoestetic is a very high sun protection for normal and dry skins that thanks to the incorporation of several sunscreens, it performs a barrier effect of the UV rays. In addition, this sun cream contains moisturising and antioxidant properties to become the indispensable complement of any type of treatment such as a skin peel that leads to a transient dehydration of the epidermis.

It includes several types of sun filters that provide a barrier effect against UV rays. Due to its moisturising and antioxidant properties, it is the essential compliment of any treatment involving temporary skin dehydration.




The Mesoeclat pack has been developed to achieve the greatest possible stimulation of the organism’s defense mechanisms which are triggered to fight effectively against the factors which accelerate the physiological skin aging process.

The mesoeclat method consists of three complementary systems, whose aim is to:

  • Stimulates the renewal of the surface layers of the epidermis
  • Increase the luminosity of the skin
  • Moisturise in depth
  • Eliminate wrinkles and expression lines


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