Glyco A 10% Tube 30mls

Glyco A 10% Tube 30mls


GLYCO-A 10%  Peeling night cream offers everyone the benefits of a peel at home, with an optimal glycolic acid concentration of 10%, for a brighter complexion and mattified, smoothed skin.

Did you know? The more acidic the pH, the more effective the peel will be!
When a peel is applied to the skin, the action of the glycolic acid only lasts around 30 minutes.


Excess sebum. First signs of ageing. Blemishes.

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Dermatologically tested
Avoid the eye area. In case of contact, rinse thoroughly with clean water.

• It is essential to use high-factor sun protection for the duration of the treatment and for one week after discontinuing it.
• Avoid applying a surface peel during the summer
• Do not apply on sensitive or sensitised skin. Avoid multiple types of exfoliation (chemical and mechanical).
• Do not apply a peel within 72 hours after hair removal.
• 24 hours before the very first application, do an allergy test with your peel, just inside the elbow.
• Do not use if you are pregnant. Do not apply to children under 12 years of age.
• Some drug treatments are not compatible with the peel. Ask your doctor for advice.