Acne Duo Pack

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Acne Duo Pack


Acne Home treatment – A synergic pack for an intensive

acne daily routine
intensive treatment pack for oily, seborrheic and acne prone skin. Purifying mousse inhibits the growth of microorganisms while soothing, moisturizing and softening the skin. Acne one stimulates the exfoliation of the pilosebaceous unit, reduces oil production, controls bacterial growth and attenuates epidermal redness. Pollution defense ampoules blocks oxidation processes and strengthens protection against the consequences of air pollution


Purifying mousse 150ml

Daily cleansing foam for purifying and sanitizing skin types prone to acne and seborrhea. Its light texture and formulation, mainly based on glucosides and refreshing agents, enable it to eliminate impurities from the skin, creating optimal conditions of softness and leaving behind a pleasant sensation of well-being.


Acne one 50ml

Daily use cream designed for optimal skin control with acne and seborrheic tendencies. The unique combination of m.acne complex complementary and synergistic actives simultaneously stimulates pilosebaceous exfoliation, decreased sebum production, control of bacterial proliferation, and reduction of epidermal flushing.


Pollution defense ampoules 2ml

Its concentrated formula prevents aging by protecting against oxidizing agents and specifically against environmental contamination. Provides long-lasting hydration to keep you all day.


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– Purifying mousse 150ml
– Acne one 50ml
– Pollution defense ampoules 2ml


How to use: Cleanse the skin morning and night with the purifying mousse. Apply a thin, even film of acne one to clean skin once a day, preferably at night, avoiding contact with the eye contour area and skin mucosa. After cleansing the skin in the morning, apply one pollution defense ampoule every week to your face and neck, smoothing in gently until thoroughly absorbed.